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Coralie Sleap, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Coralie Sleap

Teacher + Founder
Coralie’s teaches dynamic vinyasa inspired by her love for practing creative ashtanga based classes. Expect to be pushed to give your everything and rewarded with a blissful savasana. She’s excited to share yogas secret depths to help you take your practice off the mat and into your life.

Coralie’s passion for yoga has been growing since her first class in 2005. She trained with Yogahaven in 2015 and spent time at the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois centre in Mysore.

She loves learning from Celest Pereira and Emma Henry

Gemma Baroetto Parisi

Teacher + General Manager
Gemma, former contemporary dancer, started practicing yoga for its well-known benefits.  She travelled to India where she attended the 200hrsYTTC. She loves yoga for many reasons; it gives her a totally new way of relating to her body, it offers her freedom, acceptance, kindness and patience. Through the years she has developed a high proprioception and she aims to help her students to build awareness of their own body-mind connection as well as improve their health, strength and flexibility whilst connecting to their centre and their body alignment, always being kind to themselves.

She trained with Norman Blair ( 40 hours Yin Yoga ) and Dulce Aguilar, The Yoga people ( 30 hours Mandala Vinyasa Yoga)

Carla Turner, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Carla Turner

Carla started practising yoga as an alternative to dance when she was in her teens and kept it up alongside all other exercise for the years following. Being mindful and having a focus on the breath are what draws her to her mat, as well as the physical and mental benefits. Carla’s career as an actress naturally led to yoga teaching and now she teaches weekly classes. Expect to move smoothly and strongly in her class. Carla’s aim as a teacher is to give others a moment to find their own stillness in which to discover more of themselves on their mat.

Also catch her at Level 6 and Battersea Yoga.

She loves learning from Anna Ashby and Naomi Absolom

Rich Payne, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Rich Payne

Once upon a time, Rich read an article in a newspaper about hot yoga. Intrigued, he folded the paper, finished his tea and walked into an Hot Yoga Studio. Then began a challenging, rewarding and joyful journey. Now he’s sharing what he can remember from that first class through teaching and studiously obsessing about class playlists.
Evelyn Adams, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Evelyn Adams

550hr trained teacher Evie began to practice yoga 14 years ago, finding a grounding asana and meditation practice extremely helpful, not only in the acting profession and in preparing for performance but feeling good in day-to-day life. Evie loves that a yoga practice allows people to stand a little taller, breathe a little deeper and love a little harder every single day. Expect creative sequences, strong mindful movement and an upbeat, supportive environment to play for all levels. 


2013 200hr yogahaven Teacher Training, Morocco and London

2014 50hr yogahaven Assists Training, London

2018 300hr Vinyasa Training at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa

Also catch her at Another Space

Sabina Ahmadov


Sabina teaches classes in Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga. In her classes she creates a safe environment for her students to explore their physical abilities with emphasis on alignment and deep breath. Sabina will encourage you to move deeper and to experience each pose with integrity. Expect to be challenged and energised whilst cultivating kindness and love for oneself. She loves learning from Clare Gates-Sjöblom and Ana Forest. Also catch her at Indaba.

Amie McGuinness, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Amie McGuinness

Amie’s yoga practice transformed from a way of keeping fit into a holistic, spiritual, mind & body practice. Finding herself barefoot, pushing boundaries on a yoga mat felt truly liberating and the encouragement and determination, (even on the not so good days) to invest that time into herself was a true gift. Amie loves to mix therapeutic grade essential oils into the practice to take it to a deeper level.

Sophie Wilkinson

Sophie originally hails from Scotland but relocated to the big smoke to train as an actress. When studying at drama school, Sophie began practicing yoga as a way to improve fitness, stamina and flexibility but very quickly discovered the countless benefits of the practice, particularly for the mind. Yoga became an important part of everyday life, and with her flair for performance, interpersonal skills, and passion it felt natural to train as a yoga teacher. Sophie teaches uplifting, dynamic, alignment focused classes with a grounding in the philosophy of yoga. Sophie also loves to connect with her students and create a safe, community space.

Also catch her at Yogahaven and Third Space.

She loves learning from Stuart Gilchrist and Dulce Aguilar.

Rob Callender, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Rob Callender



Rob trained as an actor at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama before studying to teach yoga. He finds the constancy and measure of yoga an essential part of his life as a Londoner, writer, environmentalist and actor. Sustained poses, breath and focus with strong flows and balances are his style.

Also catch him at Frame

Sophie Pettifer


Sophie combines the uplifting and playful Rocket practice with grounding pranayama and a focus on the breath throughout; guiding you to move in a way that feels good for your body.
Expect a dynamic class that challenges you in a supportive and fun way, encouraging you to come out of your head and into your body, leaving you feeling energised and grounded.
She loves learning from Marcus Veda and Katarina Rayburn.

Mimi Davenport

Mimi started practicing yoga whilst studying at drama school has been in love since day one. She trained with The Yoga People in 2018 and is delighted to be able to share this beautiful practice with others.

Mimi teaches Rocket, Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga and will guide you through strong, playful and energising classes with strong focus on breath.

Also catch her at MoreYoga and Move

Jacqui Ho


Jacqui strongly believes that the attitude and temperament you pursue in your practice builds a bridge to what you focus on away from the mat. It is the sharpening of powerful tools and a movement of an inner energy that allows you to take what you’ve cultivated in your practice, out into the world.

Yoga teaches us that not only is this journey about ourselves, but also with our connection to others. Jacqui is dedicated to supporting you in your own personal journey while also encouraging connection with other yogis with whom we practise side by side. She loves learning from Stewart Gilchrist. Catch her also at Rise Yoga Space

Debbie Bhowmik

Debbie came to yoga 12 years ago to aid the healing process after a serious back operation. She fell in love with all aspects of yoga. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour TTC in Rishikesh India. 

She combines her 2 great passions travel and yoga. Her classes have a sense of fun. You will leave with your heart smiling.

Nikki Portman, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Nikki Portman


Nikki started her journey on her mat in her teens growing up in California. With the hustle and bustle of life, she finds it necessary to take a break and just slow things down during practice. And really allowing for that moment, however long it may be for, to find a bit of stillness and take some time for yourself and breathe.

Ben Harrison

Ben is a London based aerial and vinyasa flow yoga teacher with a background as a fighter and ultra marathon runner.

Ben’s approach to yoga asana focuses on physical alignment and how we can change our mental state by creating change on the physical level. Classes also explore how we can create the most efficient physical adaptation on the yoga mat -accessing deeper poses and new transtions.

In his spare time Ben is usually doing yoga, gymnastics, boxing or some other form of movement practice. Catch him also at GymBox

Elena Voce, Yoga Instructor at Time + Space yoga

Elena Voce

Elena loves the positive community and environment that yoga creates, and seeks to foster that in her classes. She came to yoga whilst studying at drama school as a way of calming nerves, finding presence and being open to her colleagues, and now seeks to find those aspects in the everyday!

Deniz Barisik

Deniz has been teaching mindfulness & meditation in corporate settings and privately across Europe since 2015. Aside from teaching introductory mindfulness seminars, he also guides weekly group meditations across central London and supports companies with designing tailored mindfulness based well-being initiatives. He currently leads the mindfulness & meditation wellbeing program at Google UK.

Deniz has trained with a number of pioneering meditation teachers such as Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and is currently in advanced training with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. In his style he draws on influences from traditional techniques such as Zen, Vipassana and Metta meditations as well as practices involving pain management and stress reduction.

You can find more information on Deniz’s other courses and workshops here:

Lizaan Joubert yoga teacher london

Lizaan Joubert

With a background in tennis, Liz has always been drawn to coaching. When she discovered yoga in 2011 it became her full time job, hobby and a way of life. Liz’s classes are always inspired by her own approach as a student of the practice – constantly learning from those around her, allowing for growth, healing and finding a true sense of self. Expect a challenging & provoking class. Liz is an advanced teacher & assist on The Yoga People’s teacher trainings.

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