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Guest Workshop with Soulcity London

Kirtan with Rādhikā Dāsa



Kirtan – call and response chanting – can seem a bit strange initially, but just like yoga, skydiving and falling in love, it’s one of those things you need to experience to truly understand what it does and how good it can feel. 
Kirtan refers to chanting – one of the main practices of yoga. Classic Indian instruments, such as the harmonium and drum accompany the chant, while simple Sanskrit mantras are repeated in a call-and-response fashion, from the leader to the group, building in energy and tempo.

Rādhikā Das is a core manager for the Kirtan London project and helps to oversee its 6 Hour Kirtans, retreats, workshops and courses, as well as leading soulful sessions himself.

Date: Friday 28th June 19:00 – 20:30

Cost: £10

June Workshop

Yin + Guided Meditation with Sabina

Indulge yourself with an afternoon of relaxing Yin yoga, followed by guided chakra meditation. In this workshop we will explore the meaning of chakras and how Yin yoga can be used to guide us into restoring equilibrium in our body.
The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates as wheel or disc. In yoga, meditation and Ayurveda this refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. Yin yoga is a meditative practice of slow, deep poses that are held for longer periods of time. Each pose in the sequence will awaken a particular chakra energy centre, allowing us to explore inner landscapes of our physical body, as well as delve into the deeper levels of our being. We will close the session with a meditation session designed to awaken each chakra.
Date: Saturday 29th June 12.30- 14.30
Cost: £25 (Half Price Monthly Members)
Teachers: Sabina Ahmadov


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

chi therapeutics


Yin Yoga Teacher Training Modules 1 + 2 with Chi Therapeutics Teacher Training.

The root in this training is in yin yoga and Chinese Medicine. We will cover in detail the basics + more in asana, variations, assisting and sequencing. We will study functional anatomy in addition to basic anatomy.

We will assess function over form (what are the benefits muscular/energetic rather than focusing on just one “right” alignment). Full body/mind understanding through the tools of organic alignment, not forgetting the power of gentle pranayama and meditation.

Dates + Times:

Module 1: Thursday 25th July – Sunday 28th July. (The completion of Module 1 will enable you to teach yin straight away as long as you have a previous 200hr teacher training).

Thursday – Saturday 8:00 – 18:00

Sunday 8:00 – 15:00

Module 2: Monday 29th July – Thursday 1st August.

All at Time and Space Yoga Studio, 122 Pentonville Road, Islington, N1 9TT

Price: £599 per module (instalment plan available)

Teachers: Sabina Ahmadov and Clare Gates-Sjöblom

To Apply:

Please send an application via email to:

Describe the following:

1. your background in yinyoga?

2. why do you wish to train as a yinyoga teacher?

3. why did you choose us to be your trainer?

4. our attendance and commitment requirements are 100%, is this ok with your schedule?

July Workshop

Rocket Yoga – The Fundamentals



Are you a Rocket fan or do you want to find out more about the style?

In this two hour workshop Sophie will take you through a dynamic and uplifting blend of the Rocket 1+2 sequences, giving you the chance to deepen your physical practice with some arm balances, back bends, hips openers and fiery twists.

Sophie will break down some of the funky transitions and if you’re new to the more challenging poses you’ll have the time and opportunity to build strength so you can have fun getting inverted!

What goes up must come down, so we’ll close the practice with some grounding pranayama/breathing to rebalance and relax the energy within your body.

Open to all levels, but not recommended for complete beginners.

Date: Saturday 13th July 12.30- 14.30
Cost: £25 (Half Price Monthly Members)
Teacher: Sophie Pettifer

July Workshop

Air Mandala Masterclass: Flowing with the Heart Chakra


We will open with a yin practice to create space in the body and mind, followed by a dynamic Mandala vinyasa flow. Mandala involves moving 360° around the mat. We will focus on the practice of opening the heart, letting go of fear and nurturing the qualities of love and compassion. After this there will be standing and seated poses, working into deeper backbends with some funky variations. The practice with close with Yin yoga that will balance and restore the body. We will move to music with a focus on the breath. Prepare to feel uplifted and invigorated.

This masterclass will allow you to discover the elemental and creative power of Mandala, with plenty of chances to go upside down, if that’s your thing.

Open to all levels, but not recommended for complete beginners.

Date: Saturday 27th July 12.30- 14.30
Cost: £25 (Half Price Monthly Members)

July Guest Workshop with Soulcity London

Techyon Soulprint Healing

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Tachyon Soulprint is a recent healing creation that incorporates sacred geometry, toroidal energy and sound through connection with our unique Soul Blueprint.

Outline of Workshop

• Inspiration (how this all came about)

• Intro of the healing

• How to access this healing for yourselves & others

• Collective healing with the group

• Private 1:1 Toroidal Touch sessions (optional)

• Intro of use of Healing Cards (Open to everyone)!

It has 3 parts 

1. Healing attunement (see below)

2. Toroidal touch

3. Merkabah activation

San Lauis a trained Sound Healing practitioner who uses gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, tuning forks and voice in her Sound sessions and sound workshops. She has experience working with clients with mental health and learning disabilities. She also holds womb healing workshops and creates aromatherapy essence oil sprays. She is also a trained Butterfly, Dolphin & Whale essence practitioner and a Reiki Master Practitioner. She has recently created healing tool called Tachyon Soulprint based on creating balance in the mind body and spirit through connecting to our Soul blueprint. It consists of Healing Attunements, Toroidal Touch & Merkabah


Date: Friday 5th July 19:00 – 20:30
Cost: £24
Teacher: San Louis

August Guest Workshop with Soulcity London

ISIS Dance with Alessia Avellino

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Find out what ancient bellydance movements were really about and how they relate to the physical, emotional, spiritual body and the yogic chakra system.

Isis Dance is about connecting with our natural rhythm and feeling the movements from within, finding and releasing tension from deep places in the body and celebrating getting in touch with ourselves.

We will be looking at how dance movements relate to the chakras, and what that means for every person.

The aim of this workshop is to learn a movement and make it yours, so that your dance will always be authentic. This is why we dance in a circle rather than in front of a mirror. If you are performance oriented you will find that, having a knowledge and feeling of why you are moving in the way you are, will add great purpose and power to your dance when performing.

We will be dancing in a circle together for some of the time and at other times we will be moving freely around the space to practice and experiment feeling the movements we have learned in our own bodies.

Bring a scarf or coin belt (if you have one) to tie round your hips. I will bring some coin belts for you to borrow on the day. The scarf /coin belt is not compulsory, however, having a a scarf/ tassel or -best of all – a coin belt makes shimmying the hips easier as it brings awareness to that area of the body. The sound of the coin belt is also great for clearing the energy field around the body.

This workshop is open to all levels, ages and genders. You will get a great workout and sweat, so please don’t eat just before or if you must, keep it very light. Just show up and the dance will do the rest!

Date: Friday 2nd August 19:00 – 20:30
Cost: £20
Teachers: Alessia Avellino 

Past Workshops and courses


January Four Week Beginners Yoga

Carla Turner yoga teacher time and space
If you’ve been nervous about getting started this is the perfect way to get you comfortable and confident to start attending any open class. You will be guided through the fundamentals of yoga & taught how to practice the key postures you are likely to encounter in open classes. This is at a pace you an environment where you can ask questions and get individual attention.
Dates: Saturdays 12.00 – 13.00
Cost: £60
Teacher: Carla Turner


Mini Retreat with Carla


The act of withdrawing into safety. A place where you can seclude yourself and put aside your daily duties. A private refuge of discovery and connection. Sound good? Join me for a two hour escape where you will have the opportunity to ground your body, still your mind and reconnect to yourself.

Carla has been a freelance yoga teacher in London just just over six years and is General Manager at Time + Space Yoga. The success of her first yoga retreat in France last year has encouraged her to give people more chances to rest, reflect and replenish at their home yoga studio for a longer time period that a usual yoga class allows for.

Treat yourself to this sacred time for yourself. Carla hopes for you to walk away feeling rested, rejuvenated and inspired.

Suitable for all.

Any questions please contact

Dates: Saturday 9th March 12.45 – 14.45
Cost: £25 
(Half Price for Monthly Members)
Teacher: Carla Turner


Live Music + Vinyasa Flow + Nidra

gemma alex

Rhythm carries us from birth through our breath and heartbeat. Music, an ancestral component of human sensibility, moves our life and guides our emotions.

Sound and vibrations affect our brain and the way our body reacts to stimulus.

During this 2 hour workshop, forget the outside world and let yourself be transported on a journey for all senses.
Starting with Pranayama and Chanting , Gemma, yoga teacher and professional dancer, will then guide you through a playful and flowing Vinyasa flow sequence, as talented musician Alex Paton supports your exploration with live music.

Closing up the practice with 30mins of Yoga Nidra, expect deep relaxation and a guided meditation.

Open to all levels, yogis and movers.

Dates: Sunday 31st March 12.30 – 14.30
Cost: £25 
(Half Price for Monthly Members)
Live Music: Alex Paton

April Workshop

Introduction to Yin Yoga

Sabina Ahmadov

Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to Yang (Dynamic) Yoga and a Yang lifestyle. It is a passive, yet challenging practice as we hold poses for a few minutes and place an emphasis on releasing and relaxing the muscles.

We will move and breathe through a grounding sequence which will allow you to enter a deep state of relaxation and release. Holding these healing and prop supported poses between 2 – 5 minutes will open thicker layers of connective tissue around the joints. This workshop is suitable to everyone and we will explore the physical postures, and build your understanding of why these poses are beneficial for your body.

Dates: Saturday 6th April 12.30 – 14.30

Cost: £25 
(Half Price for Monthly Members)

April Workshop

Natural Healing



In this workshop we will learn about and experience a range of natural essential oils. We will discover their origin and how we can use them daily for their medicinal properties. An hour of yin yoga will be incorporated which will also help to eliminate and detoxify stagnant energy stored in the body. You will leave feeling spacious and happy with a little gift for you to take home and enjoy

Date: Saturday 27 April 12:30 – 14:30
Cost: £25
(Half Price for Monthly Members)

May Workshop

Crow & Headstand Workshop

If you’ve been frustrated with not quite getting these poses or fearful of having a go in class then this workshop is for you. We will warm up with some sun salutes with advice on how to fine tune them to help you advance your practice. You will learn the mechanics of how to achieve the poses, detailed step by step instructions to practice, and personalised assistance and pointers to get you there.
Date: Saturday 18 May 12:30 – 14:30
Cost: £25
(Half Price for Monthly Members)
Teacher: Coralie Sleap